Dance classes at Flow Dance Academy

Pre School


Does your toddler light up when he hears music? Does she twirl, leap and dance the day away? Watch him/her have a blast and grow in confidence and live the dream of being a dancer in our “Imagine” preschool dance program. These classes aim to develop the students’ coordination, social skills, movement, fitness and a sense of the self through creativity and imagination.

Level 1: 2-3year olds: This class – “You and Me” involves not only the child but also the “carer”. Carers are seen as parents, grandparents, child minders and adult family friends. The carer in this program is called “Friend” and works together with the student developing confidence throughout all activities.

Level 2: 3-4 year olds: As the name of this class “I am Me” implies, students start to work independently from the carer. The development of “ME” becomes the students skill.

Level 3: 4-5 year olds This class is based on “Me and my Friends”. Students are becoming independent learners in this level and work alone within the group or with other group members.



Learn to move organically with efficiency, grace and power! Contemporary is a free flowing style of dance with students learning compositional and improvisational techniques. The classes we offer deliver a system of training which helps develop the dancer expressively and technically with the focus on comprehensive work in warm up, articulation of limbs, turns, travelling and jumps.
Contemporary is a fun way to build upper body strength, a strong core and lean yet powerful legs which stand weight bearing exercises. If you prefer dancing to loads of push ups, sit ups and squats then contemporary dance is a great alternative! As you dance, you move in and out of the floor, run, turn and leap while using your core muscles to maintain control even when you’re off balance!

Jazz Dance


Jazz is a continually changing and ever evolving genre encompassing many styles such as Broadway, musical theatre, hip hop, funk and lyrical to name a few. ATOD have a new and innovated syllabus which encompasses all styles from foundation jazz to the latest moves. Classes incorporate warmup and stretches, floor and corner work, turns, kicks and jumps, historical steps, combinations, progressions and dances. This fun syllabus is designed to technically develop students, build strength, energy and attack, whether on a recreational or advanced level. The classes also encourage individual creativity with student choreography improvisation in the higher levels.



Classical ballet is an art form which requires technical precision, artistry and dedication. From the beginning of the 16th century, dancers all over the world are constantly evolving in this beautiful style of dance with grace, strength and flair.

Classes at Flow Dance Academy are designed systematically with the ATOD syllabus (Australian Teachers of Dance) to build up the students technical repertoire step by step with passion and artistic individuality.

Pop Ballet


We also offer Pop Ballet open classes to push the boundaries musically, and for the students to have fun finding their Classical Flow while moving to the latest hits!

Flow Fusion


This class is aimed at professional, semi-professional and high advanced level students. Starting with a gentle warm up then straight into a choreography combining neoclassical, lyrical, jazz and contemporary. Flow with Lana and develop your own sense of freedom in the movements. Push your boundaries in a safe and non-judgemental environment or simply just come to feel the good vibes flow and enjoy the simple pleasure of dance without expectations. Dancers from other studios also welcome to join this class with no strings attached.

Hip Hop


Hip Hop culture originated in New York in the late 1960’s amongst young Hispanic and African American communities. Hip Hop dance falls under the same umbrella as rap, scratch music, and graffiti art and is continually evolving musically, physically and expressively. Our junior and senior open hip hop classes at Flow Dance Academy include age appropriate music and teach techniques in old school/new school street dance, popping, locking, tutting, stepping, house, lyrical, waacking, voguing, foundation breakdance movements and more.

Tap Dance/Acro


Please contact us for more information about Tap Dance and Acro Dance classes at our partner studios.

Your Dance Teachers at Flow Dance Academy

Keyana Beecroft started learning Hip Hop 15 years ago at Zion Dance Studios and has been teaching hip hop and choreographing since she was in Intermediate. Keyana has always had a passion for teaching and watching kids grow and learn. She strives for excellence and love to see that being executed through dance. “I am...
In 2006, Lana Panfilow graduated from the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet after which she joined the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company during their season of Giselle. For the past decade, she has danced for professional companies all over Europe, focusing on ballet, contemporary and jazz.
Emma Reynolds was born and raised in Avondale. She began her formal dance training with Sharon Howells and continued learning from Taisia Missevich and Sandy Gray. Emma relished in the time she learnt technique and choreography from Sheryl Robinson. It was during this time that she gained a love of the athleticism and freedom of contemporary dance.